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They are the highest of the high, but Michael is higher.

His hair is like burnished gold, his robes whiter than milk, his eyes the color of honey, and he overshadows everything Gabriel could hope to see.

“I have no troubles, for they lie in the care of the LORD,” Michael says to a stricken Gabriel, who has just finished speaking of his heart’s innermost fears.

Sometimes Gabriel talks of Lucifer in his sleep- Michael hears, he always hears, but feigns ignorance in the dawn.

Gabriel says, “Who is like God?” and Michael comes running, wings aflutter.

Michael spurns all who are not in the light of the Lord- they are chaff, blown away in the wind- but always Gabriel is glancing downwards, eyes lit with an emotion the other could never hope to attain.

He thinks Michael’s lips should tire of saying “You are forgiven” so constantly, but they never do, and he yearns to learn his methods.

“I could only get bored,” Michael says after a moment, “if the Most High were gone from this place.”

“They will fall unless they repent,” Michael states serenely, and Gabriel wonders about the children.

Gabriel has a soft spot in his heart for the faulty, off-key songs of mortals, but for Michael they can never compare to the heavenly choruses.

Gabriel does not think about endless death, for Michael has explained it to him, in gentle tones, as eternal darkness, the furthest point from the light of the King of Kings.

They both weep for the fallen, but Gabriel weeps also for the damned.

“We are the elite hosts of the Most High, Holy Father and Prince of Peace,” Michael whispers, face pressed against Gabriel’s hair, hoping to fix the wounds of his soul, but somehow they never lessen.

He is so bright, Gabriel thinks, even brighter than the Lord of Light when he was still in his place- Michael is more shining, more pure, than the rest of us combined.

They go about their duties together, but Gabriel is always behind, and though Michael makes a show of slowing, he still stays just a step ahead.

“Angels are always with the LORD, and thus don’t need to pray,” says Michael, laughing, but Gabriel kneels still, and refuses to take his outstretched hand.

Michael tells him he is more than the rest, because of the arch, but Gabriel sees himself as one- and the angels, they are many ones.

They sleep, but Gabriel stays worrying and Michael stays anticipating, for they have not been told of the day nor the hour when the time comes again for swords and flame.

Michael hears Gabriel’s song, and is amazed at its brightness, its innocent wonder so much like the dreams of the children of men.

There are days when Gabriel flies furiously from one corner of Heaven to the other, and Michael cannot comprehend his restlessness, his glinting eyes.

Gabriel sees the actions of the LORD in every move Michael makes, and he can feel one of the worst sins trying to worm its way into his open heart, for he still looks below.

Gabriel is wary of vices and wrongs, but how could Michael fear evil, for when has he walked in the shadow of death?

“The hour is coming,” says Michael, eyes like fire and words like swords, and Gabriel nods, but hesitates, and his thoughts keep touching on the world below the sky.

Heaven is Michael’s Arcadia, but Gabriel has seen how unattainable the sky looks to be from Earth, and ponders many things.

Michael is immune to the nets and traps of the Adversary, and Gabriel can only hope to be as staunchly opposed to the fallen, who have lost their way.

He is in the front, always, carrying the torch of the Almighty, righteousness flowing through every step of his being; Gabriel is behind, torch hefted only slightly lower, gaze trained firmly on Michael’s outspread wings.
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this is going to be used mostly for bible fanfiction as well as general mythology-based writing! expect angels. i don't know how popular this is anymore or if i'll even use it but yeah. hi.


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